A Doctor at a university medical center had ordered lab tests on a patient. The patient went to the blood draw location of a regional laboratory. When the patient returned to the doctor there were no lab results. “Somehow the test was not done” the patient was told.  The patient returned to the same laboratory blood draw station to get his blood drawn again.  After an hour wait he left.  He went to another blood draw facility owned by the same laboratory but was told to came back the next day.  (If you would like the reference for this story please contact us at info@cedardx.com).   After several more attempts at other blood draw facilities owned by same laboratory, the blood was again drawn.  When the patient returned to the doctor, the patient was told that there were no results because the lab was “unable to clarify the test with the doctor’s office.”

Our mission is to create an alternative to this type of experience.  Cedar Diagnostics is your partner for all things laboratory.  As a physician owned company, we provide a unique combination of quality and integrity inherent to the practice of medicine, and a commitment to customer service and customization of service unrivaled in the industry.